Ultrasonic distance measurement thesis

A researcher at the Industrial Materials Research Institute, Alessandro Malutta, devised an experiment that demonstrated the trapping action of ultrasonic standing waves on wood pulp fibers diluted in water and their parallel orienting into the equidistant pressure planes. [44] The time to orient the fibers in equidistant planes is measured with a laser and an electro-optical sensor. This could provide the paper industry a quick on-line fiber size measurement system. A somewhat different implementation was demonstrated at Pennsylvania State University using a microchip which generated a pair of perpendicular standing surface acoustic waves allowing to position particles equidistant to each other on a grid. This experiment, called acoustic tweezers , can be used for applications in material sciences, biology, physics, chemistry and nanotechnology.

Thanks for your comment! This is indeed a very inexpensive project, especially if you're willing to wait for parts from China. I will append this into the instructable as well. Soon there will be a kit available with all of the necessary parts including a preprogrammed ATtiny85! Everything you need all in one package, shipped fast from the US. Until then, here is an approx price list.

Arduino UNO ~ $15
Breadboard ~ $4
HC-SR04 Ping Sensor ~ $3
ATtiny85 ~ $2
RGB LED ~ $1
5V regulator ~ $2
Button ~ $2
Resistors ~ $1
Capacitors ~ $2
Jumpers ~ $1
DC power jack ~ $2

I shall get to work on a schematic. The modified circuit is shown in the instructions. I simply added a 5V regulator and two capacitors to allow fro the ATtiny. Do you mean the modified breadboard after I make the future changes?

The ping sensor has some fairly impressive realtime distance measuring capabilities for hard objects that are directly in front of it. If you move your hand just inches away from direct line of sight, or try to detect the distance of something soft, like a pillow, it cannot detect it. If your area you intend to monitor was a sort of bottleneck, like a hallway or doorway, It could act as an effective sonic tripwire, but would not do a good job in a wide area. I would suggest a PIR motion sensor for security uses.
I hope this was helpful, I look forward to more comments.

Ultrasonic distance measurement thesis

ultrasonic distance measurement thesis


ultrasonic distance measurement thesisultrasonic distance measurement thesisultrasonic distance measurement thesisultrasonic distance measurement thesis