Sleep deprivation college students essay

April Baumgarten joined the Grand Forks Herald May 19, 2015, and covers business and political stories. She grew up on a ranch 10 miles southeast of Belfield, where her family continues to raise registered Hereford cattle. She double majored in communications and history/political science at Jamestown (.) College, now known as University of Jamestown. During her time at the college, she worked as a reporter and editor-in-chief for the university's newspaper, The Collegian. Baumgarten previously worked for The Dickinson Press as the Dickinson city government and energy reporter in 2011 before becoming the editor of the Hazen Star and Center Republican. She then returned to The Press as a news editor, where she helped lead an award-winning newsroom in recording the historical oil boom.

One explanation for decreasing performance in sleep deprivation is the occurrence of microsleep. Microsleep is defined as brief (several seconds) runs of theta or delta activities that break through the otherwise beta or alpha EEG of waking. It has been seen to increase with sleep deprivation. In studies in which polysomnography is recorded simultaneously, microsleep impairs continuity of cognitive function and occurs prior to performance failure. However, the occurrence of microsleep has not been shown in most instances of polysomnographic correlated performance failure. Other explanations for performance impairments include sensory perceptual impairments such as the development of visual neglect phenomena. [ 25 ]

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Sleep deprivation college students essay

sleep deprivation college students essay


sleep deprivation college students essaysleep deprivation college students essaysleep deprivation college students essaysleep deprivation college students essay