Jim and crew:
You’ve developed a great site and are helping me immensely. I’ve bought and read your terrific book and am gearing up to create my first Prezi to summarize some research I’ve been doing for the past years. I’ve struggled trying to pick a Prezi template to start with and am settling in on using your November design. I’m familiar w/your 3 Act approach but despite reviewing your example Prezis, I can’t figure out how to be incorporate information into the ‘ticket stubs’ to the right of the 3 circles. What are those intended for?

Mr. Brocato presented a paper entitled: Analysis of electrical energy demand trends and the implication in nonferrous rod demand, on April 28th, 2015. The document focused the analysis of electrical energy demand trend during the past two decades and the relation with the demand of nonferrous rod for electrical application, while Mr. G. Marcantoni expounded his paper titled: Properzi Casting technology, on April 28th, 2015. The paper dealt the most recent developments in Properzi technology, mainly the introduction of "big blocks" refractory in casting and the combination of roughing and finishing mills with new size rolling rolls.