Order custom watermark paper

Ugh. I did all of this and no dice. I could get the watermark off of page 3 and it would stay on pages 1 and 2, but when I tried to add a new watermark to page 3, it would also change the watermarks on pages 1 and 2. Just brutal.
So, I had to bypass the watermark button.
I opened a new Word doc and posted a picture that I wanted to watermark on the page. So, my watermark was located in My Pictures and was not a default Windows watermark. I configured the picture, making it “behind text” and see-through.
Next, I simply cut and paste the thing into the third page of my document and it worked. A bit of a pain, but not really that much more time-consuming.
Seriously though, this company makes so much money and they can’t make a Word program without all the frustration? Could there not be one button that sets a page or section break that includes “independent content from all other sections”, which would be a replacement for the “link to previous” crap that works when it wants. Sometimes it works for me and sometimes it doesn’t, but sometimes isn’t good enough.

Order custom watermark paper

order custom watermark paper


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