Michele obama's college thesis

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but it is obvious who the commenters here are who are white and have little to no experience with the black community. Why don’t you do yourself a favor and talk to some black people and ask them their thoughts and history of the black “Greeks” and you might actually learn something. They have a very interesting and colorful history, and furthermore, each of them has a very entrenched image. For example, I’m not surprised to learn Jesse Jackson is a Omega, or “Q-dog” (nickname). These men have a reputation for being hard partiers, and “dogs” meaning mischievous and perhaps a little reckless. MLK, being an Alpha doesn’t surprise me either, they are known as very serious, studious, and successful. Think wire-rimmed glasses = Alpha. Now Michelle was offered an honorary membership, which would be quite rude to turn down – so according to angry whites here that makes her an “elitist” because she went to college. I never hear you making that charge against whites just because they went to college. She didn’t even join a sorority when she was in college, obviously or they wouldn’t be doing this now.
By the way, the sorority that chose her, AKA, has the reputation for being the prettiest, most elegant (and somewhat studious) women. Stop this double standard where if blacks actually pull themselves up by their bootstraps and achieve education and work hard (I thought that’s what you are always telling us to do!) then we are “elitist” (translation: uppity negro). Make up your minds, do you want us to succeed or would you rather see us in the hood with no job or in jail? Make up your mind! Infuriating.

In June 1989, Obama met Michelle Robinson when he was employed as a summer associate at the Chicago law firm of Sidley Austin . [58] Assigned for three months as Obama's adviser at the firm, Robinson joined him at several group social functions, but declined his initial requests to date. [59] They began dating later that summer, became engaged in 1991, and were married on October 3, 1992. [60] The couple's first daughter, Malia Ann, was born on July 4, 1998, [61] followed by a second daughter, Natasha ("Sasha"), on June 10, 2001. [62] The Obama daughters attended the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools . When they moved to Washington, ., in January 2009, the girls started at the Sidwell Friends School . [63] The Obamas have two Portuguese Water Dogs ; the first, a male named Bo , was a gift from Senator Ted Kennedy . [64] In August 2013, Bo was joined by Sunny , a female. [65]

Remember this: In 2012, women's votes were the difference between Barack winning and losing in key swing states, including right here in New Hampshire. So for anyone who might be thinking that your one vote doesn't really matter, or that one person can't really make a difference, consider this: Back in 2012, Barack won New Hampshire by about 40,000 votes, which sounds like a lot. But when you break that number down, the difference between winning and losing this state was only 66 votes per precinct. Just take that in. If 66 people each precinct had gone the other way, Barack would have lost.

Michele obama's college thesis

michele obama's college thesis


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