Leatherback turtle essay

The green sea turtle is your “poster child” sea turtle, if you will. They are the most commonly recognized species because of their beauty. Surprisingly, their shells and skin are not green as the name might imply – their coloration is more of a brown/yellow/white mixture. They are called green turtles because their fat is green. Green sea turtles are the only species in which the adults are completely herbivorous (vegetarian) and eat primarily sea grass. Green juveniles are carnivorous like other species, though, and their digestive system actually changes as they mature to allow for this dietary shift. Green turtles’ large intestines actually double in length in order to digest the plant material properly. Because of all the vegetation they eat, their FAT is actually green – which is how they got their name. They can be distinguished from other similar looking species by looking at the scales on their head. Between the eyes, they have a pair of scales where other turtles only have one or several. Their scales are well defined and dark. They are also the only species with jagged edges on their lower beak, these act as pruning shears to take bites of grass.

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1. Be careful making nouns such as ” spread consumption”, you need to write “the consumption of spreads”.
2. You don’t need to put the data in the overview for this graph because you will give it in the body paragraphs.
3. Be careful when you are writing about one particular spread, for example butter, and you write “the amount of spreads consumed “. This actually refers to all spreads, not just butter. So, you need to write “The amount of butter which was consumed…” or “the amount of this spread which was consumed…”
4. It’s quite long and may be difficult to write in only 20 mins. Don’t include information which is not important. For example, the consumption of butter in 1996 – this date isn’t really important to highlight and could be missed completely.
5. Don’t confuse the reader. I know that low fat etc spread declined in the final years but to write that it became less popular is confusing because during that time it was the most popular spread of all of them.

Leatherback turtle essay

leatherback turtle essay


leatherback turtle essayleatherback turtle essayleatherback turtle essayleatherback turtle essay