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It is this allusion that infuriates Proctor as only he can see through it and he is frustrated and discouraged by the power she resultantly gains. Juxtaposed with Elizabeth’s negative perception of Proctor’s sins it is visibly demonstrated that Miller is deliberately making things hard for Proctor. It seems that Miller is ‘out to get’ Proctor just as much as Parris is and throughout the whole play Miller is constantly showing and presenting scenes and situations in a thorny complexion for Proctor that maximises every opportunity to emphasise his problems with temptation and the moral dilemma that this creates for the, as Miller would present, ‘fallen’ man.

I believe that Elizabeth’s relationship with John is at a serious disconnection, mainly from John’s mistake. The word relaxed fits with distant because this whole time Elizabeth remains in a calm state when she probably wants to kill John. The untrusting comes from John’s mistake of cheating with Abigail Williams (who is historically 11 years old but, in the Crucible by Arthur Miller, she is 17 years of age). Yet, Elizabeth remains non-judgmental of John and just asks questions, not trying to judge him by his answers but trying to understand his reasoning of the question. Next, on the opposite side, is John’s relationship with Elizabeth that is filled with a passion for arguing judgment, trust, self-judgment and regret. The passion for arguing judgment arose because while reading through the text I noticed that the one thing John brought up quite a few times were telling Elizabeth not to judge him but to instead judge herself. I think that John said this not because he believed that she was judging him but because he would rather have her judging him than himself doing the judgment because he thought or hoped she wouldn’t be as hard of a judge as he himself was being. Need essay sample on "John and Elizabeth Proctor: Relationship" ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $/page

John Proctor is a man who can be described as respected and even tempered, as well as stubborn with a sense of strong self preservation. In the beginning of the book, Proctor is happy with his life, if not guilty of cheating on his wife with his used-to-be servant, Abigail. He tries his hardest to ignore what he has done even as Abigail thrusts the town of Salem into hysteria, but once his wife, Elizabeth Proctor, is taken into custody, he can no longer overlook Abigail's influence in the town. In order to free his wife, and other people who have been accused, Proctor tries to expose Abigail as a fraud so that people would stop listening to her.

John proctor essays

john proctor essays


john proctor essaysjohn proctor essaysjohn proctor essaysjohn proctor essays