Indian air cargo industry research papers

A country which represents a population of billion in a continent notable for its large size and densely populated ( billion people) and that of Asia accounts for roughly 60 percent of the planet’s human population. Knowing the economy is going to expand and that Asia is leading the world out of the recession for many - representing a seismic shift in the world economy. If you look at India, it is under developed, now developing so the opportunities here are phenomenal. Today within the domestic sector, 65 percent of freight is transported by surface and 4 0 percent of the hinterlands do not have access to all-weather roads. These are awful challenges in doing business with India, nonetheless, one of the main reasons why cargo firms are so optimistic – they feel faster, better prepared and more nimble than they were So despite a lack of infrastructure in certain regions and pockets of volatility, this is a nation that is beginning to show signs of sustainable growth.

Within the first two weeks, the IAF had carried out almost 12,000 sorties over East Pakistan and also provided close air support to the advancing Indian Army. [47] IAF also assisted the Indian Navy in its operations against the Pakistani Navy and Maritime Security Agency in the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea . On the western front, the IAF destroyed more than 20 Pakistani tanks, [48] 4 APCs and a supply train during the Battle of Longewala . [49] The IAF undertook strategic bombing of West Pakistan by carrying out raids on oil installations in Karachi , the Mangla Dam and a gas plant in Sindh. [50] Similar strategy was also deployed in East Pakistan and as the IAF achieved complete air superiority on the eastern front, the ordnance factories, runways, and other vital areas of East Pakistan were severely damaged. [51] By the time Pakistani forces surrendered, the IAF destroyed 94 PAF Aircraft [52] The IAF was able to conduct a wide range of missions – troop support; air combat; deep penetration strikes; para-dropping behind enemy lines; feints to draw enemy fighters away from the actual target; bombing; and reconnaissance. In contrast, the Pakistan Air Force, which was solely focused on air combat, was blown out of the subcontinent’s skies within the first week of the war. Those PAF aircraft that survived took refuge at Iranian air bases or in concrete bunkers, refusing to offer a fight. [53] Hostilities officially ended at 14:30 GMT on 17 December, after the fall of Dacca on 15 December. India claimed large gains of territory in West Pakistan (although pre-war boundaries were recognised after the war), and the independence of Pakistan's East wing as Bangladesh was confirmed. The IAF had flown over 16,000 sorties [47] on both East and West fronts; including sorties by transport aircraft and helicopters. [47] while the PAF flew about 30 and 2,840. More than 80 percent of the IAF's sorties were close-support and interdiction, and according to neutral assessments about 45 IAF Aircraft were lost while, Pakistan lost 75 aircraft. [54] Not including any F-6s, Mirage IIIs, or the six Jordanian F-104s which failed to return to their donors. But the imbalance in air losses was explained by the IAF's considerably higher sortie rate, and its emphasis on ground-attack missions. On the ground Pakistan suffered most, with 9,000 killed and 25,000 wounded while India lost 3,000 dead and 12,000 wounded. The loss of armoured vehicles was similarly imbalanced. This represented a major defeat for Pakistan. [55] Towards the end of the war, IAF's transport planes dropped leaflets over Dhaka urging the Pakistani forces to surrender, demoralising Pakistani troops in East Pakistan. [56]

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Indian air cargo industry research papers

indian air cargo industry research papers


indian air cargo industry research papersindian air cargo industry research papersindian air cargo industry research papersindian air cargo industry research papers