How to overcome dipression

I am 48 years old i am really afraid to drive i used to drive very well but one day i was with my husband on the high way and i was driving at 120km/ hr and then he shouted to me and say drive hard i had a panic packed the car a side and since then i very afraid to drive i try very much and sometimes is good and sometimes not and at the high way a never try to do it since now its almost five years and the fear is still the same somebody can help me. My husband is becoming older and i am afraid if one day he can no more drive.

2. Talk about your experience with someone you trust 
You’re probably familiar with the notion that voicing worries or fears out loud will lessen the power they hold over you. “I would encourage anyone feeling that they may be experiencing imposter syndrome to talk about it with someone they trust; whether that be a professional or someone from their own circle of family and friends,” suggests Buchan. 
3. Reframe your thoughts with positive self-talk 
The aim of practicing positive self-talk is to learn how to manage your thoughts when an impostor moment strikes. “If you want to stop feeling like an impostor, you have to stop thinking like one,” advises Young. “We need to become consciously aware of the impostor thoughts running through our head so that we can reframe them the way a non-impostor would,” she says.  
Remember, feeling like an impostor does not make you any less intelligent, talented or capable than anyone else, the difference is in how you react to situations. While a new situation might currently make you worry about the fact you don’t know what you’re doing, try reframing these thoughts to focus on how much you might learn from this new experience. 
If you find yourself caught up in thoughts of ‘how’ and ‘why’ you got the job in the first place, Young recommends putting a positive spin on any external factors that have propelled you towards your current situation. “It helps to understand the legitimate role that things like luck, timing, connections, and personality play in all of our success,” she says. “ It's what you do with these external factors that matter.” 
4. Learn to believe in your self-worth 

How to overcome dipression

how to overcome dipression


how to overcome dipressionhow to overcome dipressionhow to overcome dipressionhow to overcome dipression