Forrester research white papers

Forrester assessed 10 vendors: ClearDATA, CloudMine, IBM, Kinvey, Medable, Microsoft, MphRx, NTT DATA, Salesforce and SAS. Forrester picked these vendors, the research firm said, because each of them easily integrate with major electronic health records vendors, allow enterprises to develop a 360-degree view of their patients, provide advanced analytics capabilities including patient analytics, include software development kits and application programming interfaces, provide data governance and access management, and meet HIPAA standards for handling protected health information.

2. The talent gap will force CISOs to allocate 25 percent to external expertise and automation. The complexity curve facing enterprises hasn’t reached its peak yet, which leaves security stuck solving problems of capacity and capability with limited resources already burdened with too many technologies, too many alerts and too much to do, according to the report. With too few internal resources, CISOs will turn to external services and automation tools for relief. Forrester estimates that security services and automation will combine to consume 25% of security budgets in 2017.

This report analyses twenty seven established or emerging vendors and highlights their key TPx capabilities. Wipro Promax Analytics Solutions, a part of Wipro Limited, is a world–leading specialist in delivering a combination of Trade Promotion Management and Optimization solutions and services. Available in Software-as-a-Service or on premise deployment options and outcome based pricing models, Wipro Promax Analytics Solutions (WPAS) assists sales, finance, marketing and supply chain executives from leading consumer-focused companies plan, manage and optimize all aspects of their trade promotions and associated trade spends. 

Forrester research white papers

forrester research white papers


forrester research white papersforrester research white papersforrester research white papersforrester research white papers