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Remember, when people call or contact you they expect to pay and are aware that when they place an order, it is time to pay and/or make arrangements to do so.  If you have trouble asking for payment for your services, please go to a McDonald’s and buy something.  Watch how the high school kids ask for payment:  no hesitation, no fear of rejection, no embarrassment, no debate, no offer to collect after you finish eating or drinking.  It is a simple statement  – “The amount of your order is $.  Is that cash or credit, please?”

In 1997 some colleagues and I set up the Association for Skeptical Enquiry and I continue to be its main organiser. ASKE is a society for people from all walks of life who wish to promote rational thinking and enquiry, particularly concerning unusual phenomena, and who are opposed to the proliferation and misuse of irrational and unscientific ideas and practices. I am editor of ASKE's quarterly magazine The Skeptical Intelligencer . To find out more about ASKE, visit our website at http://-/. If you share our ideas and concerns why not join for just £10 a year?

Forensic papers research science

forensic papers research science


forensic papers research scienceforensic papers research scienceforensic papers research scienceforensic papers research science