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Once SWAT teams are created, they will be used. Nationwide, they are used for standoffs, often serious ones, with bad guys. But at other times they’ve been used for crimes that hardly warrant military-style raids. Examples include angry dogs, domestic disputes, and misdemeanor marijuana possession. In 2010, a Phoenix, Ariz., sheriff’s SWAT team that included a tank and several armored vehicles raided the home of Jesus Llovera. The tank, driven by the newly deputized action-film star Steven Seagal, plowed right into Llovera’s house. The incident was filmed and, together with footage of Seagal-accompanied immigration raids, was later used for Seagal’s A&E TV law-enforcement reality show.

This ongoing series is a beautiful celebration of the 50th anniversary of the landmark Loving v. Virginia Supreme Court decision that outlawed American bans on interracial marriage. By taking a full view of the relationships that have benefited most from the ruling’s legacy, Farrah Parkes and Brad Linder are able to look at how these couples met and follow their shared experiences all the way through to the young families that many of them have started. The show isn’t blind to the challenges that many of these marriages face, but it also helps to shine a spotlight on the simple, true affection that comes through effortlessly.

Examples shorts essays

examples shorts essays


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