Essay roosevelt new deal

1. Keynesian or "pump priming" economics. Based on the beliefs of economist John Maynard Keynes it held that money should be invested in the people, the working class. Then spending would increase with new money in circulation. As spending increased it was expected that businesses would expand to meet the new demand and hire new workers. This would spur on more spending and more growth. This plan was the opposite of the Republican plan ascribed to by Hoover and earlier leaders. They had believed in supply side or "trickle down" economics. In this philosophy money was to be invested at top, in business. Then businesses would expand, hire new workers and this in turn would spur on spending and further economic growth.

Lastly, there is the matter of the New York Times . I actually got a call from their fact checker for this article. It was a strange conversation because all he seemed to want to confirm was that I had written the quotes Perlstein used. Since I knew Perlstein was writing the essay, and knowing of his animosity toward me (which I informed the fact checker about) and Perlstein’s general dishonesty, I went on to explain what I meant by Never Trump being over. He listened for a few moments and then informed me that this call wasn’t really about fact checking; it was just a “courtesy call.”

Essay roosevelt new deal

essay roosevelt new deal


essay roosevelt new dealessay roosevelt new dealessay roosevelt new dealessay roosevelt new deal