Essay on musical theater

Please do not be hoodwinked, do not be bamboozled into scapegoating one show to be the main representation of Broadway's very real diversity problem. A show that employs (on stage alone) 15 actors of color, a show that (comparatively speaking) is among the upper echelon if not the most diverse musical on Broadway. I'm not saying it doesn't have its flaws when it comes to diversity, I personally have had multiple open, fruitful convos with Rachel and Dave about my perception of how we have failed in some regards when it comes to the opportunity for an even more diverse show. And they have always welcomed it, listened, problematized. Took accountability.

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Legally Blonde JR. follows the transformation of Elle Woods as she tackles stereotypes, snobbery and scandal in pursuit of her dreams. When Elle's high school boyfriend, Warner, dumps her and heads to Harvard, claiming she's not "serious" enough, Elle takes matters into her own hands, crafting a showy song-and-dance personal essay and charming her way into law school. Befriending classmate, Emmett, and spunky hairdresser, Paulette, along the way, Elle finds that books and looks aren't mutually exclusive.  As Elle begins outsmarting her peers, she realizes that law may be her natural calling after all.

Essay on musical theater

essay on musical theater


essay on musical theateressay on musical theateressay on musical theateressay on musical theater