Democrat party essay

Look, if this was a tea party group coordinating with the Trump campaign to incite violence at Clinton rallies or NAACP events or whatever, we know exactly what would be happening. This would be Justice Department fully investigating this for civil rights violations and all sorts of things. This is a Justice Department and an FBI that is dolling out justice based on your politics. If you support Clinton, if you are Clinton, you can engage in all sorts of misbehavior without consequence. If you are the IRS commissioner or an attorney general who is held in criminal contempt, he would give you a pass. You don’t face justice under this administration.

I’ve reread your comment and am not sure I follow what you mean. There is a method to get a candidate of your choosing on the general ballot. Remember, the primaries are just a runoff for each party’s candidate. They make a huge deal out of it as a way to get more voters to the polls. But you are not a Dem or Rep, why would you watch or even be caught up in all that? People made a huge deal out of Bernie and the DNC didn’t. So what, he had his followers, they messed up when they registered or they failed to reregister within the time limits. The DNC always leans towards one or two people to spend their money on. People just can’t get a grip on this private party choosing their own nominee. They can even decide against the winning candidate by going with some other person of their own pick. They could but I’ve not seen it done. My point is that it’s their party and if you register Dem than you are part of that political party. You may not be able to participate in closed primaries as an Independent in some states but you can write him in on the general election.

Democrat party essay

democrat party essay


democrat party essaydemocrat party essaydemocrat party essaydemocrat party essay