Data mining thesis 2011

[…] Via Ryan Rosario’s Byte Mining, challenges of and solutions to performing analytics on 10 to 15 gig data sets using R. It’s a long deck, but Ryan covers a lot of very cool material. I’m looking forward to trying a few these myself. SlideShare below, and grab the PDF as reference. Taking R to the Limit (High Performance Computing in R), Part 2 — Large Datasets, LA R Users’ Group 8/17/10 View more presentations from Ryan Rosario This entry was posted in analytics and tagged analytics, big data, R, statistical programming by Luiz. Bookmark the permalink. […]

Research degrees usually involve the completion of a written thesis, although alternatives may be allowed where suitable. Alternatives can include the presentation of part or all of the thesis as a multimedia document or a piece of art, or a record of professional practice in the form of a series of case-studies, which must be accompanied by a commentary. If you are interested in completing a thesis by alternative submission please contact the appropriate department to discuss this during the application process. If you publish research you have undertaken during your studies, it may also be possible to include such work in its published form in your thesis.

Data mining thesis 2011

data mining thesis 2011


data mining thesis 2011data mining thesis 2011data mining thesis 2011data mining thesis 2011