Chicago style in an essay

Page Numbers . Number all pages except the title page in the upper right corner of the page preceded by your last name. The first page of text should be labeled page 2. In Word 2007, click on the Insert menu. Click on Page Number . Choose Top of Page , then the top right position (Plain Number 3). Type your last name and a space in front of the number. To remove the page number from the title page, under the Header and Footer Tools menu, click the box labeled Different First Page. Click the red X at the top right of the screen to exit.

On one of the piers, we find a collection of cracked-open crayfish shells, likely the remains of a heron’s feast. We paddle on, and a family of mallard ducks parts to let us pass, then rejoins behind us. Charlotte laughs and slaps the water with the paddle, getting Seamus wet. At the base of another pier, she picks some flowering chives to nibble on. Beyond those, a grove of tall grasses, reeds, and yellow flowers. By the end of the day, we’ll have seen blue herons, hawk-like ospreys, and two good-size beavers, which will scurry away as we approach but remain hidden in plain sight, one just below the river’s surface, its eyes and snout peeking out, the other lurking behind some more wood pilings, knocking soil and branches into the water.

Chicago style in an essay

chicago style in an essay


chicago style in an essaychicago style in an essaychicago style in an essaychicago style in an essay