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Meredith Brennan

Ms. Brennan received her from Georgetown University and her . from New York University School of Law.  She is currently the Chair of the Philadelphia Bar Association's Family Law Section and a member of its Executive Committee.  She is also the co-chairperson of the Family Law Advisory Council for Philadelphia's Volunteers for the Indigent Program.    Ms. Brennan has published numerous articles on a variety of family law topics in The Legal Intelligencer, Pennsylvania Law Weekly, The Matrimonial Strategist, and others.  Ms. Brennan has lectured on custody, support, and divorce issues for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute and local and state bar associations, as well as at the Pennsylvania Conference of State Trial Judges.  She was selected as one of Pennsylvania's "Lawyers on the Fast Track" by The Legal Intelligencer and Pennsylvania Law Weekly in 2006, and has been named as a "Pennsylvania Super Lawyers Rising Star" by Philadelphia Magazine every year since 2005.  She is licensed to practice in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 

Eight years later, Raynell plays in her newly planted garden. Troy has died from a heart attack. Cory returns home from the Marines to attend Troy's funeral. Lyons and Bono join Rose too. Cory refuses to attend. Rose teaches Cory that not attending Troy's funeral does not make Cory a man. Raynell and Cory sing one of Troy's father's blues songs. Gabriel turns up, released or escaped from the mental hospital. Gabe blows his trumpet but no sound comes out. He tries again but the trumpet will not play. Disappointed and hurt, Gabriel dances. He makes a cry and the Heavens open wide. He says, "That's the way that goes," and the play ends.

It is reported that this special status would cover Haitians living in the United States illegally as well as those Haitians who have been ordered deported. However, anyone who has been convicted of one felony or more than one misdemeanor may be ineligible for this status under the TPS regulations. In contrast, convictions for most minor traffic violations have no effect on one’s eligibility. The Department of Homeland Security encourages Haitians in the .,  eligible, to apply for TPS. Considering the above, Bretz & Coven is committed to offering pro bono assistance to eligible Haitian nationals seeking to apply for such status. This pro bono policy is in keeping with our long history of trying to make a difference for non-citizens in the United States.

Bono essay

bono essay


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