Blood diamonds essay

6. Other people will assume the ring is made of diamond, since they won't be able to tell the difference. I'm not one to pass something off as another, but the reality is that people are so brainwashed about diamonds that everyone who sees your fiancée's ring will assume it is made out of diamond. (Most of the time, it's not worth explaining to them it's not.) In the 6 months my fiancée has had her ring, 100% of the people who have seen it think it's diamond. If you're worried about a "loss in prestige" if someone notices, rest assured that other people will never know unless you tell them. (Note: do not try to buy your fiancée a moissanite ring and pass it off as a diamond . Honesty is key - talk to her about it first.)

There are many things currently being done at this moment. The Security Council has already taken many steps forward to prevent the sales of these diamonds. It is illegal to buy diamonds from the countries of Sierra Leone and Angola. The first major step to putting this to an end came in 1998. This was the year that the United Nations put a ban on buying diamonds from Angola. This was the first document to specify and use the exact word diamond in it. This reduced the amount of conflict diamonds being sold dramatically from 20% in 1998 to % in 1999 and once again down to less then 1% in 2004. The second step came on July 5, 2000. The Untied Nations put a ban on the direct or indirect import of Conflict Diamonds from Sierra Leone that was not through the Sierra Leone government that did not have a Certificate of Origin. The first United Nations discussion took place shortly after. On August 31 and July 1 of the year 2000, Chairmen of the Security Council Committee held discussions on the subject of Conflict Diamonds. In attendance were the

Gemfields said that “clearances” of local communities were carried out by state forces in accordance with Mozambican law. Structures were cleared only “after due notice was issued, and due caution was taken to ensure that they were empty and abandoned prior to clearing,” said Olivia Young, the London-based spokeswoman for Gemfields, by email last year. According to Young, the structures that were pulled down had been built illegally by newly arrived migrants; those inhabitants with legitimate historical land claims were registered for resettlement, which has yet to occur.

Blood diamonds essay

blood diamonds essay


blood diamonds essayblood diamonds essayblood diamonds essayblood diamonds essay