19th century american poet and essayist

  Lamp & Lighting Restoration:   In addition to our ever-expanding inventory of Victorian Patterned Art-Glass Lamps & Lighting Devices we also maintain a full and complete Lighting Restoration Service which has been very popular with our customers.  Rarely a week goes by that we don't receive several queries concerning lamp restoration. Should you need your lamp completely restored, or just a part replaced – no job is too small or too large.  We can Burnish, Polish & Seal Brass; Re-Plate metals in brass, nickel, copper, silver & gold.  We also offer a service to custom paint new globes to replace your broken globes that will match your existing lamp base perfectly. And we can passively electrify any lamp or chandelier without harm to the original parts.

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The Oxford Gallery offers a full range of services to the discriminating art collector. Oxford's directors will help businesses select art that makes a unique and dramatic statement about their corporate values.

The Oxford Gallery is located in the Roosevelt Apartment Building at the corner of Oxford Street and Park Avenue in Rochester, NY. See Google Map

Notice: key letters AYG (Apparel Yard Goods); or FYG (Furnishing Yard Goods) will denote fabrics especially good (color/scale) for either dressgoods or furnishings.

Late 19th Century Scraps
Assorted prints and solids
(Oct 16 2016)

High Victorian mill engraved designs
(Sep 16 2017)

American Swatch Book
by Judie Rothermel
(Jul 23 2017)

Sweet Charlotte
Pink and Brown....Brown and Pink
(Apr 05 2017)

American Patch

(May 27 2016)

Vintage Miniatures
c. 1870
(Dec 05 2015)

Walnut Groove...
Little House on the Prairie prints of the 1870s
(Nov 14 2015)

Molly B's Shirtings

(Sep 30 2014)

Castle Wood

(Sep 30 2014)

Margo's Finds, 1865-1900 Fabrics
Individual pieces from our 1865-1900 shelves!
(Jan 23 2017)


(Jun 29 2017)

Late 19th Century Shirtings

(Aug 26 2017)  

19th century american poet and essayist

19th century american poet and essayist


19th century american poet and essayist19th century american poet and essayist19th century american poet and essayist19th century american poet and essayist